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15 Mar: A sacred moment


This lunation is a time of remembrance—a sacred moment to honor those we have loved and lost. Here are two of the Highest Beings I have known And loved in my time on Earth so far.

14 Mar: Chiron and pain

Don’t ask.  Just do.

13 Mar: Dark moon approaches chiron


Yes,  Life is precarious,  but nothing is written, so please don’t anybody stand up in the boat.

12 Mar: During the following test

Stay absolutely still. Better yet play dead And you’ll be fine.


12 Mar: This is the most perfect time…

especially if you have a strong dedication, something you deeply believe in that keeps you going. Also it would be great if you were doing an outward Bound all-alone-in-nature type trip, where you can be all alone out in the wilderness. Because that is what you’re going to need: periods…


15 Mar: Second Monthly in March, New Moon on Chiron

Please makes sure you have these two messages handy, they will help your further understand the journey of Chiron leaving Pisces. Chiron at the End of the Zodiac and Chiron in Pisces. Check out these dates for the last of Chiron in Pisces,  it goes into Aries on April 17,…