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The Problem with Pisces and Magic
 Divine Destiny or Deviant Mania
Even in "normal" times,
wherever Pisces falls along your horoscope,
it presents a whole menu of delicious contradictions.
This year, however, is a whopper.
The cluster of Neptune,
the south node of the moon,
and Chiron gathered together in Pisces
while Jupiter opposes
will mean your attempts at temperance
will be fighting cravings to flee.
When you get hooked,
it seems so absolutely right and true
and natural and satisfying.
When it's all over, however,
it seems like somebody or something
made you do it.
You're only human
and you can take only so much
of the dreary, day in day out routine
before you start to go cuckoo.
Thats when you tell yourself
you need some distance from a life
that can easily become dried out and colorless..
You wind down like a clock.
You lose your charge.
You begin to believe
that you are losing your lust for life.
Once in a while, you have to turn off the mind
before you become a total zombie.
You have to have a transcendental,
ecstatic magical experience.
Is something divine and magical happening to you
or you are being fooled
by your own desperation
to see things that simply are not there?
I’ve been working on a lecture
to prove the mystery of this eclipse
which I now offer to those who wish to pursue it.

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