valentine's day 2014

The Moon's Nodes are just now
about to enter
The Libra Aries axis
for eighteen months.
powerful meetinge and separation
have caused a powerful shift
in relationships
past and present
brought about by
the Venus Pluto transit.

The current transit of
Mars in Libra
will set the stage for the
a change in scenery
for many relationships.
Youl will encounter the old Issues of
control vs. surrender,
getting along on your own,
vs. giving in and reaching out, and
going to war vs. negotiating.

Should you be direct, up front and
in somebody's face
or should you be
Is it better in the long run to
be forthright and blunt?
When should you blurt
or shut up?

How do you measure out
the truth, and
how much do you give away?

How do you draw the line
in accepting
somebody else's madness?

Is neediness pathological?

Why do some people
the people they choose?
Why is commitment
so scary?

It's very liberating to
finally realize that there are
as many kinds of relationships
as there are people,
and what is the "norm".
for you could
define a relationship
that would seem totally crazy
to somebody else,
yet perfect
for your needs
and not crazy at all.

Relationships flourish best
when roles are defined.
A balance between
dominance and submission
regardless of physical gender
is always a powerful ingredient
for fulfilling and lasting bonds.

SO then,

here we are
at Valentine's day
right on a Full Moon 2014 more


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