Gender roles
are always shifting,
sometimes comfortably,
often not.
There's always a male
and a female--
which has nothing
to do with
or whether you stand up
or sit down to pee
at the toilet seat.
There's both male and female
in every person,
so in a way
four people are in bed
with a couple at any time.
Usually, however, one person
plays the more Venus role,
and their partner the Mars,
or vice versa.
It depends on the planet,
sign and house placement
of the Acendant ruler,
position of
Venus and Mars,
Sun and Moon
and a lot of other factors.
Then you've got to
take into consideration
political correctness
and some people's
In any case above
you will find the Archetypes
for all current relationships
going on now
wednesday 10 december.
You can look at them
in different ways.
Drab overburdened woman
with suicidal man.

Grounded, hard-working,
succesful woman,
holding the farm together,
Free-wheeling daredevil man

Deeply committed woman
relationship resistant man
your physical gender
matters not here.

Add your own interpretationn
once you've experienced
over the next three weeks.

Who's the practical one?
Who's the wild gambler?
Who has a job?
Who doesn't?

Who is more committed?
Who is demanding distance?


And if you are currently NOT
in a relationship?

You have to deal
within yourself
the conflict between

your freedom
and companionship,--

or loneliness







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