13 august


to all Virgos,Virgo Risings:
Jupiter in your Sign

delicious maturity,
a benefic omen
Blessings come
in so many disguises
often couched in simple events.
Acts of generosity or miracles
don’t always arrive
on your schedule
or on the level you expect
or think you desire.
In fact, it takes effort,sometimes,
to see the blessing in it all.
Opportunities for growth
are often surrounded
by daily hassles
and all the usual anxieties,
right in the middle of the grind
that doesn't give you a break.
The medieval torture
of the agonizing transit
of Saturn from Scorpio
added a heaviness to the mind.
It has, however, led you
to this point.
The family constellation
has changed forever,
so you must go with the flow.
Jupiter has now entered Virgo,
a favorable omen
for the months ahead,
but, as usual,
there's a big catch.
Benefits come
with great responsibility.
Virgos and Virgo Risings
will gain much respect and love
in the year and receive
opportunities for advancement
on all levels.
A T-Square with
Neptune, Chiron, and Saturn
and Virgo
(most intense at first
for August and early
September Sun Virgos
will demand serious attention,
discipline, caring ,
and most important,
ability to set boundaries.
To get you going,
we believe
you should be the first
to receive
the projection for 2016,
so here it is and
May the Force Be With You :



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31 may 2015

Are you being led

by the hand of God ?
Or is a monkey beckoning you
down a winding path

and you, idiot,
are following ?
Odd isn't it--
How a sane and grounded person
can feel elated
and filled with the buoyancy
one cannot explain
other than you're being guided
by a divine presence?
Yet that same person can be hit
in the gut
with an eerie malaise,
a nausea and regret,
as if you've  made a huge,
stupid, intractable blunder
you can't take back--
Like getting drunk
and marrying a bellhop  in Vegas.

It would be great
to always be in the now.
Sometimes, however,
like now,
you can't even figure out
when the hell
now is.
And speaking of higher consciousness,
I'm all for it.
There's a lot to be said for
answering the higher call.
In astrology we often say that
Neptune rules the
Truly Inspired---
Scholars, teachers, artists
and advanced Beings.
And we do meet
people like that on our way.
However difficult as it is
to imagine,
there are some " people"
(actually leeches posing as people),
who consciously,
with malice aforethought,
seek to exploit the faith of others.
And this is something
you also have to know
about Neptune.
In addition to the pursuit of the divine, 
 Neptune also symbolizes
gullibility and naïveté,
no matter how many times you're
kicked in the teeth.
 It's the part of you
that makes you
an easy target for
well-meaning mystics,
or sad-eyed artists
sitting at the end of the bar
at closing time.
Or you could actually BE
one of those.
Like it or not,
Neptune in Pisces
at this point
in our
personl and social evolution,
is the triumph of
and it's going to be with us
for several years.
It must be honored now,
and bravely embraced
not only this week
but for years to come.
We mention it now
because of its
significant participation in the Mercury
retrograde transit.
Neptune is the source
of empathy,
the power to experience
It's the point in
your horoscope
blameless acceptance
of all circumstances.
It's where you must
surrender to ignorance
and acknowledge
that your life,
my life,
all life is
the result
of the frailty
of human choices.
We live with the limited
scope we have
of understanding
the nature of mystery

The facets are many,
all intertwined
and intertwingled,
too numerous and intricate
to define separately
and we must bow
to an indecipherable
mix of
blurred perception
and distorted

to our ignorance,
defeats all
or blame.
and we bow
the wisdom
found only
really hard to do,
if we start out with
the premise
that deep down
people are good and loving,
some moron
comes along
and tries to screw you over.
We have to stay
loving, trusting,
but cautious
at the same time.
and now...your sign.

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