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Like many Scorpios and Scorpio Risings,
Hillary Rodham Clinton is just about finished shooting her own slasher flick.
It's called the Saturn Transit, and,
as many other members
of that clan will agree,
the last two years
contained more scary moments

Saturn transits are often rough anyway,
BUT throw Scorpio into the mix,
and you get a struggle to survive
physically, psychologically
and/or emotionally.
It is serious business,
not just a case of
Bart Simpson/ Sideshow Bob.
This is life in its rawest
and most intense form.

The good news:
Scorpios descend
into the bowels of existence
during their Saturn transit.
There they experience
darkness and grief,
question  their purpose on Earth,
eventually to return,
furnished with renewed creativity,
and ravenous hunger for
Life. But this time
Will she or won'tshe?


Bradley cooper
Sometimes you have to
play the heavy
and identify with the aggressor.
And.. act cold and rough
when you have to
no matter what anybody thinks.
Sometimes you can't let
the  bad guys win,
even if you  have to do things you wouldn't normally
dream of doing
in a million years.
You feel driven by a force
that overtakes you.
You get seized by a
sense of mission
some would call crazy
or egotistical or immoral.
Thats what happens
when Pluto transits the Sun
as it is doing for
actor Bradley Cooper
and every other Capricorn born
the first week of January!
Why did Bradley Cooper
 take the lead role in
You've got to see this film
to watch the portrayal of
a descent  into murderous rage
fueled by a sense of
personal justice.
Higher purpose?
 Or an excuse to find
an outlet for
smouldering aggression?
That's  Pluto conjunct  Sun
in Capricorn in
Cooper's horocope now,
Bradley Cooper's character
in the film, and
All early January Capricorns.
Not a heartwarming film
but deeply thought provoking
about war always
and capricorns now.

Queen Latifah's TV show canceled?
Well,  that's Show business.
 Of course she's destined for much loftier heights,
but it didn't feel that way when she got the news.
Chiron transits are humbling,
mainly because it feels like being thrown out of a speeding car
with your mother driving.
Rejection is rejection, dammit.
Pisceans like QL are lucky tho'.
The kick in the head
Chiron  gives all Pisceans
 reminds them they are
vulnerable, frail, sensitive
and flawed human beings
 whose purpose it is
To help the less fortunate,
entertain and distract
 the wounded, and
relieve the suffering of others.
In the meantime chiron
knocks you off your feet.

The Chiron transit
eventually replenishes talent
and re-inspires artistry.
So it doesn't have to be
alcohol or drugs.

President Obama tries
to be a regular guy,
sleeves rolled up,
Burgers in public
and shooting hoops
In the yard.
It' s endearing with transiting
Uranus in his third house.
He likes to yak and
Call people " folks "
 with a hand on their shoulder.
Second house Neptune. however,
is driving him around the bend--
between oil prices
and losing his own wallet
in the cushions of the couch.
 He may be Aquarius Rrising.
but he's still a Leo.
Like like every other male Leo Neptune's transiting
the 8th house now.
Let's just say
Like all of us
He gets private notions
In his head
now and then
he wouldn't want plastered
 all over town
From  deviant thoughts
To worry about his prostate
he'd much rather discuss
ball scores.
Eighth house Neptune, tho,
Even red-blooded
American boys,
Born here or not,
Can't help wondering what
It would feel like
To ....

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