An astrological view of politics, the economy and your place in it all

11 September 2014


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What if there’s a hole in my thinking?
My whole plan could fall apart.

The big shebang begins with the notion
that I must preserve a security
I have created for myself,
founded on fear that I have engendered
in the people, and the belief that I will protect them.

Protect them from what?

The dread of fiscal devaluation
and the loss of their property.

If I can convince them I’m saving them from those two things,
they’ll keep me in power.

But what if they stop for a second or two
and feel a yawning emptiness and a widening gulf
between the good lives I am convincing them
they are leading and the non-existence treadmill of slavery
they are actually treading on?

It could be brilliantly successful for a while.

I, as slavemaster, produce products
I tempt them to consume or possess.

I hire expert hypnotists to seduce them
into buying my wares, for which they are willing
to go deep into debt, forcing them
to seek employment at low wages
in my factories which produce more items I entice them to buy.

Their ability to purchase my products
leads them to think they are prosperous and secure.
And the dissenters? Let them talk.

Fortunately I also have surrounded myself
with a coterie of attractive looking,
elegant and educated young people
who know exactly how to make dissenters
seem like embittered failures or evil interlopers,
so no worries. Everybody’s happy. Until…

The fallacy of believing in security
cracks right through the façade.
What if the moment comes when the people
feel that I am no longer able to protect them
from the fears I have helped to create?

The moment that dissension outweighs belief
in my ability to protect them, my regime ends.

What if security is a fallacious premise
on which to build anything, because it is a comfortable illusion
that keeps us from some other truth?

The longer I can make them think I’m protecting them,
the safer I will always be.

What if it dawns on them that no matter
how stable it seems, everything is in flux?

Eventually somebody will see that even
if they nail the furniture to the floor,
the tornado could still take away the whole house.

If my whole premise is fallacious, my whole project could crumble.
In that case, what would be a grumble by kooks,
misfits, terrorists, and the disenfranchised
could become an outcry for radical change by an awakening populace.
Jesus Christ, then what would happen?

The Enemy IS Revealed

copyright Michael Lutin 2014

this material may not be
copied, sold, reproduced
or distributed in any form
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in perpetuity
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of Michael Lutin or his


july 2014


In some crude circles
they call it a pissing contest.
Gamesmanship, however, is a more polite term.
However you look at it,
the consequences of the
current sword-rattling
are potentially devastating.
The implications are more far-reaching
than most human beings imagine.

It’s not just happening
on the world’s political stage.
It’s hitting us all.
People are being ripped
from the lives they have been leading.
Although many deny and resist,
some individuals are awake,
able to hear the bell tolling,
even under the din of
media fairy tales they are being told.
They are able to embrace
the enormity of the change
that is coming
with an understanding
that it has been coming for a long time.
Now new responses must be found
to situations we never dreamed of.

To grasp the situation
we have to learn to think
in bigger picture terms.
Not just about how you are going to
live the rest of your life
or how you want to live the rest of your life,
but where we fit in
as sentient beings
among the numberless that exist.

Actually you have to think in cosmic terms.
A new existence that lies ahead
requires the shedding of so many thoughts,
hopes, dreams and images
we are used to seeing
in futuristic science-fiction movies and books.
The alteration of our perception
involves a wrenching ourselves away
from notions that most of us
have been taught to cling to.

Whether it is your favorite hat
you’ve been wearing since college,
or a chair you’ve been sitting in
since you moved into your house,
–a job, people,
anything you have gotten accustomed to,
everything we have thought of
as real is in the process
of shifting permanently.

You’re not going to wake up one morning
and everybody and everything will be gone.
But you have to be armed
with the knowledge
that those two roads in a yellow wood
you’ve heard tell about
are right there in front of you,
and it sure as hell is time
to take the one less traveled.
For you. For me.
For everybody on Earth.

Why should you have to?

You and I
and the rest of the whole world
are in a total uproar,
and it helps if you can start thinking
in terms outside yourself.

Cosmic forces are causing stresses
and enforcing change,
not only in each of our lives,
but on the grandest scale imaginable.
It’s not the end of the world,
although it may seem like it.
It is the effect of the Grand Cardinal Square,
involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus Pluto,
and actually some other heavenly bodies as well.
Phenomena are occurring now that seem unnatural,
when in fact they are quite natural.

On political and social levels,
the danger of economic/ecological collapse
looms before us.
Who made this happen?
The greedy skunks who grow more voracious
with the passage of each day?
Military and government leaders ,
headed by the decrepit patriarchy,
aided by naive, witless female spokespeople,
in their pathetic, eleventh hour attempt
to find solutions to famine, overpopulation,
and rising social unrest,
believing as they do
that subjugation of the masses
will itself solve humanity’s crisis,
as they fight the inevitable realization
of their smallness in a vast Universe?

Who is at the bottom of this?
The famed legendary Illuminati,
the Masons or the “terrorists
–or anyone else we wish to demonize?
Extraterrestrial aliens who even now watch us
as we sleepwalk through our lives?

Even as we honor the magnificence
of our intellectual, artistic, scientific
and technological achievements,
we must acknowledge our omission
of other vital elements.
In our mad, misguided belief
that we could make our lives easier,
we have stomped on our humanness,
betrayed the essence of our life
and betrayed our true purpose here.

It’s all a natural result
of the civilization we have constructed.
It is the inevitable fallout from
a society gone mad with anxiety
in the face of collapsing religious myths
and painful intellectual
and moral devaluation.

Astrology is not an excuse.

It’s an explanation of phenomena
that have led us to the brink
of an almost unbelievable awareness.

Everything we have done before
has brought us to where we are today.
It is what we do
from this point on that will count.

Every living being on the Earth,
sober, drunk or otherwise
must evolve.
The unfolding events
will impact us personally and individually
in ways that boggle our minds
and demand a massive effort
to creative adjustment
in embracing a new reality.

On a global, environmental level,
as Nature asserts its impassive supremacy,
all beings will conform
to its uncompromising imperative, even
if the goofballs running things
will try to convince us otherwise.

In the end,
the Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs
will of course be no more than
another set of planetary phenomena.
Viewed in perspective, however,
it will mark a permanent change
in the matrix of terrestrial existence.
We are not merely in the middle
of a spell of bad weather,
or helpless victims of one more
sad power play
carried out by government
or financial officials
(read jokers),
who couch their greedy antics
in charades of “helping” others.

The Coming Revolution
will not NOT be personified by
romantic Mme Defarges knitting sweaters
or handsome, wounded men
with bandaged foreheads
arm in arm singing marching songs
with trained voices
bitching about injustice.

This is a change in the world mind.

A theological,
psychological and
philosophical revolution
is in the process of encompassing
the entire civilization of which we are a part.
We happen to be witnessing
an existential upheaval of tsunami proportions.

When does it happen,
how long does it last
and is it good or bad?
From an astrological point of view
maybe when Pluto nears the end of Capricorn
in the early twenties,
the compulsive obsession with control and order
will come to an abrupt end as
Pluto approaches the sign of Aquarius.
Maybe Nature and the entropy surrounding it
will bring balance to authoritarian paranoia,
as the waves crash upon the shore of society.
Neptune’s supremacy in Pisces will prove
that the oceans always win in the end.

Do not expect all members of the human race
to drop sobbing to their knees
and apologize to each other.
People evolve at different rates.
Because of their own histories and inner lives,
they respond differently to different external stimuli.
So don’t look for world peace.
Expect human change,
human evolution,
and that is never comfortable.
It depends upon each individual’s ability
to see where we truly fit into
this vast web of sentient conscousness.

Be sure of this, however:

This is a worldwide, cultural revolution.
It’s going ot take a while
to get through the thick heads
of the schmucks who still think
Mother Nature is their bitch.
For the time being surveillance will get tighter.
The struggle over dollars, yen, rubles
and the flow of information
will continue, as will the battle
against ubiquitous cancer.

Obama? Hillary? Jeb Bush?
Liberal? Conservative?
Martial Law ?
Forget it.
All the altruistic-sounding,
well meaning rhetoric
is about as nourishing
as a s’mores.
From Israel/Palestine, Somalia, Venezuela,
to little towns in Iowa,
everywhere and everyone
gets touched .

No one person in power today
has the knowledge or authority
to bring about the transformation
that is needed.
It has to come from inside.

It is not about one leader.
It will not be by some splashy,
seductive demagogue with big hands,
white teeth and good cheek bones.
The demonization of those
who threaten the veracity of world propaganda
(doesn’t matter which country)
will go on to continue its desired effect
of instilling fear in the masses
and keeping money
pouring in to feed the ravenous
Mouth of the Monster of Military Defense.

We will still be told
to return to our homes,
things are getting back to normal,
as the disconnect widens
between our instinctual perceptions
and the hypnotic tunes
our leaders and the pharmaceutical companies
are singing to us.

But the dawn of evolution is inevitable.

Whether the whole thing represents
a macabre and unholy alliance
between a cabal of military freaks
and nouveau zillionnaires
is any survivalist’s guess.
But who knows?
Now that even high-ranking
religious leaders are coming around
on the subject of
intelligent life in the Universe,
and our place in it,
for all we know
it will ha-ha be
the kooky Ancient Alien Theorists
who turn out to be right.

What is certain?

Life on Earth is scratching
on the inside of an enormous egg.

It is rather a wave of new awareness,
morality and our place among
all beings everywhere
that has to overtake
the philosophy of millions of people,
at least as powerfully as
the combined efforts of Moses,
the Buddha,
and other prophets did in their day.

But it cannot really be calculated
or accurately predicted astrologically.
To raise humanity
out of self-destructive adolescence,
it will take an opening of consciousness
on a gigantic scale
to remind us of our noble presence
and purpose in this vast sea of stars and planets.
It will take an epiphany of unimaginable magnitude.

It will happen. It has to happen.
Even now it IS happening.

between species
has astounded
All over the world
there is an odd
recognition of
among many animals
and thousands of people.
People are looking into
each other's eyes
in recognition
of the
awareness of
who we really are.
Althogh snakes
still swallow deer,
lions have been
cuddling with bears.
dogs and dolphins
have been chilling together.
Cows are enjoying jazz trumpets,
and cats demanding Mozart.
Pockets of human sleepers
are waking up,
looking up,
and seeing
the possibilities
that lie out there.

Perhaps someday
the Cyborgs of the future
will visit museums
where tableaux on display
will depict us all,
images of us carrying on
our preposterous, ignorant daily rituals,
chasing after our ridiculous needs,
all posted under one large sign


Until then......








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3 april 2014

Where do we go from here?

Whether you use butter or margarine

Or even the effects of
in a natural albeit unusual
planetary lineup?
Or maybe just the result
banal, human stupidity?
The idiotic belief
that we could make our lives
like obssessively seeking
greater comfort
by burning down your home...

Hey, It's called progress!




27 march 2014

In the ring
two aging wrestlers
circled each other,
drooling and snarling,
like dinosaurs on display.
A nasty rumor claimed
that little did the spectators know,
their eyes glued to the bogus match,
that the joke was on them,
for at that very moment,
secret deals were being made
to strip them of everything they treasured
and rob their homes



"Oh Crap! There Goes The Neighborhood.".

As Published in Vanity Fair December 2006




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