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A personal horoscope reading with me
is an experience all right--
sometimes hair-raising, often fun,
but you will always take away something
 that will appreciate in value
as time goes on.

People usually come
for an astrology session
with questions or decisions
they need to make.
They also have bigger issues
they may not even realize
could be the real reason
they sought out an astrologer.

Solving the local problems
is only part of my job.
The main purpose is
to restore your faith in
your own instincts and perceptions.

I make my living through my
lifelong study of Astrology,
with the help of the
Robert J. Langs method
of communicative psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 
 I tell you  what's really going on,
help you  do best
what you  really want to do,
and make you  laugh
while you're doing it. 
That's the service I offer.

The goal:
to strengthen the core of productivity
that lies within us all.
We will discuss
what deeper issues and influences 
encourage you or hold you back – –
from the past, the present or up ahead.

I do all the work beforehand,
so I'm not going to sit there
talking a lot of technical jargon
unless you're dying to hear it. 

Subsequent sessions
going deeper are available
on any frequency you choose.
The fee is $250 per hour.
Business or marketing consultations
are available as well--
fees to be discussed.'

Thanks for your interest.
To arrange a session,
please call

or email
If you get voice mail
kindly CLEARLY leave
your name and phone number.
where you are calling from
and hours when you are
most likely to be available
to discuss scheduling a session.
While I prefer face-to-face meeting
for the first session,
if you are not in New York
or I'm not in your city,
we can Skype, Facetime,
or do the old-fashioned phone thing.
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